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Interview with Mr. Ronald G. Miller
Former Vice President, Detroit Institute of Arts


[Question]: When and how did you become exposed to Madalina Nicola’s art?

[Mr. Miller]: I saw Madalina’s art about three years ago. One evening I was invited to Madalina’s and Lee’s home and had the chance to take a look at some beautiful paintings and some fantastic artwork that she had created over the past couple of years.


[Question]: Have you visited any of Madalina’s art gallery sponsored exhibitions?

[Mr. Miller]: Yes, I was actually in Washington DC shortly after Madalina’s show had open and purposely went into the gallery as an unknown person just to check it out. It was a fabulous experience and it was a great start for her on a national scale of exhibitions throughout the United States.


[Question] What is that attracts you the most in Madalina’s art?

[Mr. Miller]: Well, one of the things I learned at the Detroit Institute of Arts through my employment there was to learn how paintings are created, of the different levels of the technique that’s used. I was really fascinated to see how concise and in depth the paintings were, of the different strokes in regards to the color and how interleaves of gold and the brilliant reds and blues and the tans had inter-spruced one on top of each other, giving the work a full layer of comprehension. So when you stood back and you saw the brightly lit painting you saw this fabulous thing that just glowed, then when the lights went off you saw a totally different painting, which had the same elegance and appeal.


[Question]: Which of Madalina’s styles do you prefer the most?

[Mr. Miller]: Well, I certainly like the different stiles she has but my favorites are, of course, the abstracts. But I find it quite interesting how she can take the abstract painting and then overlay another scene within it; I was initially drawn to the bright reds and the blues of some of her earlier works. Then what I found more interesting as I became more familiar with her art was the different colors: the golds and the browns and the tans … the reds and the blues.

[Question]: In your view, what makes Madalina’s art so unique?

[Mr. Miller]: Well, you know I was exposed during my seven years with the Detroit Institute of Arts to an encyclopedic museum of the best artists that exist in the world and you learn throughout that experience to see different qualities, especially in the modern art. I find some of the things that I enjoy about her artwork is the depth of the colors; I’m very passionate with the heavy bright, the very solid reds, the very solid blues and how each variation of the color comes through and really pops the painting so that it comes quite alive. I find in the gold paintings, the more abstract ones, that atr just sort of alive, the paintings are alive. And the use of the 24 karat gold that goes on top just pops it so especially when it’s in a room that’s lit it catches your eye immediately. Your eye is totally drawn to the painting because of the brilliance of the color but also the techniques that she used.


[Question]: How would you qualify Madalina as an artist in general?

[Mr. Miller]: I would absolutely qualify her as an accomplished artist. Having known her for the past couple of years, it’s interesting to see the interest by different gallery owners and art collectors throughout the United States, which certainly attest to the quality of the artistic presentation and to the timeliness of the type of work that she does. That’s why the shows that she had in Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Michigan will certainly maintain her on the forefront of the artists of today.


The interview above was recorded for the purpose of being used in the biographical movie “Madalina”, released on DVD by Real Earth Productions.

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