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Madalina: A Consummate Colorist Strikes an Emotional Chord


“… Making her intentions clear in a way that few other Color Field painters do … Madalina Nicola invests her large acrylics on canvas with qualities that go far beyond their considerable formal attributes. In compositions enlivened by subtle chromatic nuances and striking tactile qualities, Madalina succeeds splendidly in projecting a sense of spiritual resonance. Indeed, contemplating her paintings can be a meditative experience: one becomes engulfed in radiant auras created with layered translucent glazes that evoke something at once material and ethereal. … The paradox in her paintings is how successfully they engage us with their purely physical properties while simultaneously transporting us to a realm beyond the physical. It is this tension between the succulent sensual presence of the paint itself and the suggestion of translucence in her subtly shadowed surfaces that makes Madalina’s work so consistently engaging.

Her abilities as a colorist are especially evident in paintings such as “Celebration,” where a seemingly infinite range of softly modulated red hues evoke a visceral sense of passion, as well as in other canvas, such as “Harmony” and “Golden Light,” where she explores the possibilities of metallic gold pigments in combination with other hues to create chromatic effects of an almost Turner-esque radiance.

These latter works are … bathing the viewer in chromatic auras of a peculiar richness. Standing before them, one becomes caught up in their tactile surfaces and the sense of infinite depth that their delicate tonal modulations project. She also displays her consummate skills as a colorist in “Hidden Shadows,” where softly modulated blue and purple-violet hues seem to flit across the surfaces, playing hide-and-seek with the viewer, as well as in the relatively monochromatic canvas “Purity,” with its amorphous, gold tinged central form floating like a phantom cloud in a glowing white field.

Madalina Nicola brings a refreshing new energy to Color Field painting with her unabashed desire to convey emotional qualities through abstract means. And she succeeds splendidly in engaging the viewer in her cause through her ability to strike just the right chromatic chord. At the same time, all abstract painting must finally stand on its purely visual attributes, and Madalina provides the sophisticated viewer with much to appreciate in this regard as well."

__Chris Weller, "Gallery and Studio"


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