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Triumphant Exhibit by Young Artist
Who Couldn’t Leave Her Bed A Few Years Ago

Washington, DC: Madalina Nicola’s luminous, hauntingly beautiful paintings go on exhibit at the Alex Gallery on Friday, October 7, and will be on view from October 7 through November 1.

Madalina’s work is noted for radiant color and emotional intensity: faith, hope, and a reverence for the natural world can be found in her large canvases.

This is the second major one-woman show on the East coast for Madalina, who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Her success as a talented painter achieving national recognition is especially amazing considering that for years she suffered crippling pain in her joints and muscles that kept her bed-ridden and unable to move or to paint.

Fibromyalgia, Asthma, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome almost destroyed her; doctors treated her with steroids that made the former model get depressed, and still the inexplicable, crippling pain continued.

A combination of prayer, exercise, natural remedies, and focusing more and more on art saved her. By 2000 she was able to stand and work at her canvas, she says, due to positive thinking and belief in miracles.


Press Release - Alex Gallery



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