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The internationally renowned abstract artist, and highly sought after landscape artist, Madalina Nicola, has combined, her extraordinary talents to create highly important, large scale masterpieces that do not just blend together the best of each of her talents into museum quality works, but exceed each of their component parts. Madalina’s finest abstracts and landscapes now share the same exquisite canvas and are appropriately known as “Romantic Dreamscapes.”

Madalina's most recent avant-garde works celebrate the memory of her mother, who passed on in 2014. While coping with her great loss, the artist is touching people's hearts by proving that love is eternal and has no physical boundaries.

Madalina’s brilliant accomplishments are all the more amazing considering her lifelong battle with debilitating illness. She drew heavily on her art and her strong spiritual faith to triumph over her pain and suffering and to begin a powerful, vigorous, healthy, creative new life.

She is now pain free, fit as an athlete, centered and focused on visualizing and sharing the beautiful world that lives within her mind, heart and soul. “A world without limits, where hopes and dreams become reality.”

It can truly be said of this world class former fashion model that the beauty we can clearly see is matched by the beauty that lies within.

Her works have been described by highly regarded art critics as possessing the “chromatic effects of an almost Turneresque radiance,” of being “lyrical, mature paintings that show a sophisticated sense of color composition and allusion,” where her “marvelous use of color and glazes create an activated plane of decorative exuberance….that explodes into the space of a room.”

From the very beginning, Madalina's life has been one of deep struggle and great triumph, engendering powerful emotions which become visualizations, or virtual paintings, which she then felt compelled to passionately capture on canvas.

Some of her paintings require rich texture, for which she uses a gel medium, paste, gesso, or sand, depending on the desired effect, merging it harmoniously into the composition. Once dry, she builds up layer upon layer of glazes, sometimes complementary, sometimes contrasting, until she obtains the right hue, transparency or opacity, and intensity.

She loves creating large scale paintings which she finds liberating, giving her feelings of freedom, happiness and joy. Each new masterpiece provides a new adventure and challenge.

Madalina is always in total control of the painting process. She feels no inhibitions. She submerges herself into her art, and loses all sense of time, frequently working until she is exhausted late at night, only to wake up early the next morning and pick up where she left off.

Her passion increases in intensity as she approaches the final stages, becoming more and more euphoric as she works feverishly to give birth to her newest work.

Her paintings express her hope, her courage and her belief in miracles. They healed her body and soul. They are both the source of, and ultimate expression of her spiritual strength.

It is Madalina Nicola’s great privilege and honor to share today her miracles and masterpieces with the entire world.


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