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Nebulous, elegant and emotive, Madalina Nicola's stunning abstract paintings evoke a vast visionary world of passion and hope, representative of a quest for a profound inner serenity. Wonderfully rich in hue, her ethereal images are sublime visualizations of the complex, invisible realm of human sentiment.

Using color to depict emotions, Madalina Nicola metaphorically transcends the limits of physicality in her abstract mixed media works - with the use of glazes and rich texture, she creates contrasting illusions of translucence and opacity, immateriality and the strata of earth.

"My paintings are not about sorrow and pain," she says, "but about hope, courage and a strong belief in miracles." Madalina Nicola's art is atmospheric and abstract as emotions and dreams: the tenebrous grey of mystification; the deep, fierce red of joy; the pale, airy white of spiritual deliverance.


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